Discover our display options, we call them "Channels"

We have several features that we call Channels, that come as standard in any Signal. These are designed and custom made around your requirements to fit with your brand.

Simply hover your cursor over the icons below and discover where Smoke Signal can take your event.

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Social media integration

with Twitter

Brand interaction

Allow your social media followers to publicly be a part of your brand.

Audience engagement

Instant visible feedback from your audience.

Post moderation

You don't need to worry with what will appear on your twitter feed, there is an option to have a moderation tool to filter what tweets appear on your Beacon.

Implementation and support

Smoke Signal delivers your information in the most effective format available. The Application is loaded onto a discrete, small form factor computer that can rest behind your screen.

When these devices are hired from 20/20 Productions, we also provide a representative who will offer you support, installation and technical assistance during your event.

Each signal can have its own schedule of information, or it can run the same content simultaneously – whatever best suits your needs.

The 'other stuff'

The chosen venue will require a wi-fi connection to the internet. This does not need to be constant as our product is designed to function offline, but a connection is required for us to pull/receive updates from our system if and when required.

We know that costs have a tendency to spiral when it comes to web and connectivity. Smoke Signal has been desigend to use as little bandwith as possible. We preload all rich media (images, videos etc) to the devices before installation or during quiet periods when your needs fit. Content can be updated to the device locally or remotely.

Interested in using Smoke Signal?