Pssst! We’re always striving to make Smoke Signal a better product, and we’re currently working on integrating the full Twitter API along with Instagram trends, all coming soon!

What is Smoke Signal?

Smoke Signal is a fully customisable digital signage product that is designed with one goal in mind - communication with your audience... let us explain.

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The dilemma

The Dilemma

You want to engage with your audience?

You don’t want to use the same old PowerPoint

You don’t want out-of-date printed material

You want to use Twitter at your event

You want a stress-free solution

The Response

The Response

Digital Signage, but you're not really sure how it works

Can digital signage be engaging?

Can it provide Twitter as well as conveying your message?

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our product, Smoke Signal, is the tool for you.

Communicate your message and engage with your audience using Twitter.

Completely customise your content.

Easily updatable for seamless integration with your event.

For more information, visit our features page

Amend your content anywhere, in a few seconds

Our web based system platform allows you to update, create and reorder your content appearing on your beacon without fuss or drama.

Smoke Signal System
Who is Smoke Signal for?

Who is it for?

Initially built for event communications, Smoke Signal has spread its reach to retail marketing, product advertisement and internal communications.

Interested in using Smoke Signal?